Locals in the Bicol region have been using Pili oil on their skin as a topical treatment long before the benefits were discovered and scientifically tested. The Pili Tree is integral in our story and our tropical heritage as it is seen as the "chosen tree" due to the fact that all its parts have significant use for man. Our purpose is to bring the unique healing and restorative properties of Philippine Pili and Elemi oil to the world while enabling sustainable livelihood. At Pili Ani, we work to protect the environment and the livelihood it provides to our people. 

The team behind Pili Ani embodies The Chosen Tree’s generosity by helping over 200 farmers and their families in the Bicol Region. The brand doesn’t just provide income by purchasing harvested nuts and oils but also by providing programs that aid the community.


We believe in circularity.


One such program is the Pili Literacy Program, which gives economically challenged students the financial support to fund their education.  Another Save our Soil Foundation which encourages farmers to shift to organic practices while providing scholarships for their families.

We work with over 200 local farmers and their families in the Bicol Region. We make sure that we ethically source and harvest our oils by teaching each family how to extract and produce Pili and Elemi oils without harming the Pili Trees. It’s our mission to uplift the lives of our farmers


We believe in circularity. Our work drives us to serve the communities that support our business through our programs. Save Our Soil Foundation encourages farmers to shift to organic practice while providing scholarships to their families. The Pili Literacy Program provides financial assistance to economically challenged students. Our business is rooted in doing good and making sure that the system we use in crafting beauty is truly beautiful from the ground up.